How does the collection process work ?
  • The process usually begins with the required Fair Debt Collections Practices Act notice letter.
  • If we have a good telephone number, next we make telephone demands. If the telephone number is not good, we use the latest skip-tracing technology to find the debtor.
  • Once contact is made, our collectors will attempt to obtain the outstanding balance. If debtor cannot pay the entire balance, we will make every effort to set up ongoing payments.
Do we have to file law suits ?
  • No. It is entirely up to you whether you want to pursue legal options. If your firm does chose to sue, we will request authorization before filing each law suit.
Can we report the debt to the credit bureau ?
  • Yes. Most of our clients request we report to the credit bureau. Your company does not have to report, but it does have advantages.
Why choose Shafer Law Firm ?
  • Experience. We have been doing collections since 1995. We understand the issues and defenses these debtors have. We hire quality people.
  • Our firm follows all State and Federal Laws regarding third-party collections. In addition, we are also governed by the State Bar of Georgia. You can trust that all money owed to your firm will be paid each month.
  • We will get better results than an agency, and can litigate your accounts for the same price.